Who Is Mike Macey

I am an entrepreneur and self employed since 1972.

I have been active on the internet, beginning with ‘bulletin boards’ in 1992, and WordPress websites since 2009.  My company served small business owners and entrepreneurs with WordPress and social media until September 2014.

We currently serve two non-profits and a few select legacy clients.

Today, my primary business focuses on things to do in Colorful Colorado.  Our first website focuses on 350+ Colorado Museums: http://ColoradoMuseums.CO.  Check out our multiple custom Google Maps, colorful carousels, over 500 vintage pre-1900 photos and links to each museum’s website.

This site is currently in Phase 2.  This phase adds 350+ new pages, one for each museum, to include a Google Map for location and directions, an event’s calendar, select photos from the museum and additional information supplied by the museums.

Phase 3 begins early 2017.  This phase will include over 160 new pages, one for each city with a museum or multiple museums.  City pages will include local history and event’s calendar provided by the city.


Our next Colorado website will be about people, places and things to do In Colorful Colorado.  You’ll find Google Calendars, custom Google Maps and markers with images or video for specific places.  We’ll list hot springs, 14ers, state and national parks, ski areas, historic landmarks, micro breweries and much more.

Visit our landing page at http://InColorfulColorado.com.  You’ll find social media links to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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